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When it’s time to put it all back together, the best people to have on your team are the ones who have been there with you from the beginning. Addressing the full range of a disaster’s impact to a property –from structural repairs down to restoration of the finest finishes – requires not only a highly skilled contractor, but one that can claim a firm grasp of the finer aspects of that impact. 

When disaster mitigation is provided by a revolving-door procession of subcontractors, specialists, and consultants, it often results in cost and schedule overruns, unreliable performance results, and increased stress for all parties. 


Rapid Recovery Services understands the difficulty of the recovery process for its clients. That’s why RRS provides its full range of services either in-house or through a dedicated network of industry experts, offering the client a turnkey solution from the first call to the final brushstroke. 

RRS began its history as a full-service general contracting firm run by a master builder, and its commitment to superior-quality reconstruction services remains as strong as ever today.

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